Scotland Car Hire

Frequently Asked Questions

We have years of specialist experience in the and specifically Scottish Travel Industry. We are based here and operate out of two locations. We can ‘broker’ the best deal for you, and help you through the maze of car hire companies, all of whom claim to be ‘the best’ – but which often differ dramatically especially on small print and added or ‘hidden’ extras. Our recommended suppliers have over 50 separate locations giving you the best possible choice. In addition to the straight car hire, we also manage corporate accounts and can help negotiate supply contracts. So if it’s a car you need, then don’t forget to try us.

Questions answered


Is there an excess on the insurance, and if so how much?

The hirer is usually liable up to a specified amount of any damage. Amounts can vary from £100 to £1000 so be careful. Younger drivers e.g. under 23’s usually pay more. Your credit card will usually be used to guarantee this, although some companies only call on it if there is actual damage.

Often it is difficult to waive the excess, although some companies run schemes for doing this which of course – cost extra!

Note that larger vehicles, e.g. MPV, van or minibus, often carry higher excesses.

Can I take the vehicle abroad?

Only certain firms allow this, and usually at an extra charge. Most standard hires cover travel in the UK mainland and Northern (but not Southern) Ireland.

How flexible are you re different types and range of vehicle?

Most firms have a comprehensive range of manual and automatic cars (sedans), hatchbacks, estates (station wagons), MPV’s, vans and minibuses. Automatics tend to be a bit dearer and the ranges narrower. Most firms will specify a number of types of car within a group and it is often hard to guarantee a particular model, far less colour!! Very few firms provide vehicles with GPS but almost all nowadays have airbags and power steering save for the very small economy groups. All have the seat belts required by law. Most have the option of CD or tape but can’t always absolutely guarantee either. Owing to the nature of the business it is often hard to specify diesel or petrol you just have to take what you get!

Remember to check the number of doors you’d prefer – some cars come in a range of 3 or 4 door or 3/5 door hatchback.

Do you deliver and collect?

In most cases vehicles must be collected and returned to the branch. However some firms, usually for a charge, operate a meet and greet, or delivery and return service.

Is there a charge for "one way hires"?

This is where you drop the car at a different destination from pick up. Some companies charge a fee for this, usually £15-20. Some of the bigger national companies don‘t charge anything.

Note that one way hires are very hard to get from the more remote destinations. This is because the local hire company is not represented in other destinations so can’t easily get the car on drop off – or the big companies won ‘t entertain the smaller destinations. So if you want to e.g. pick up in Oban and drop off in Edinburgh, this will be difficult. Some companies do a delivery and collection service anywhere in the UK but beware this will cost!

Do you offer unlimited mileage?

Most companies offer unlimited mileage for certain types of hire, often based on length of hire – e.g. short period hires say 1-3 days have a specified free mileage per day with a ‘per mile’ charge on usage over this. 4 day hires and over may have unlimited mileage. Some allow unlimited mileage no matter the length of hire. The excess charge for usage over the free limit may vary according to the size or class of car.

Do you provide child seats?

Baby, child and booster seats may be requested from most hirers and are often supplied free of charge.

Are you open on Sundays and bank holidays?

Most branches especially airport branches are open on Sundays but for shorter times than weekdays so make sure you check, as pick ups and drop offs outwith normal hours are usually possible but can cost, especially pick ups.

Most large firms open as normal on bank holidays but most are closed Xmas Day and New Years Day and operate reduced services on 26 dec and 2 Jan.

How do I collect and return cars to the airport?

Most firms will issue clear instructions for this. Some have on site representation at the airport, others offer a courtesy pick up and drop off to/from an off-site nearby branch.

Do your vehicles come with breakdown cover?

Most hired vehicles come with full breakdown cover which is usually supplied by either the AA or the RAC – and most forms offer a 24 hour helpline.

Is there a charge for additional drivers?

Additional named drivers usually cost extra – the current charge is £10 per hire. Extra drivers need to produce the same proof as main drivers. Most firms only allow up to a maximum of say 2 extra drivers.

What is the minimum age for hire?

The minimum age is usually 23. In some cases it is 25, in others (with a higher excess) it is 21. Often younger drivers are restricted in the size and type of vehicle they are permitted to drive.

What are the conditions for fuel?

Vary enormously. The main one is that the car is supplied with a full tank which you replace on return. The firm may charge you a fuel deposit which is adjusted according to usage. Some firms only fill it ¼ full. Check also the price they are charging you. If they fill it up it is at their price. If you fill it up it is at the best price you can get!

What are the insurance requirements?

Overseas visitors must have a valid drivers licence or International Licence and this must be accompanied by a passport. British licences usually must have been held for at least 1 year. The licence should be a clean record with certain minor endorsements accepted. If you are an overseas visitor, please remember to bring your passport when picking up car. UK hirers may be asked for proof of address.

Most overseas licences are valid in Scotland for 12 months but do check.

What happens if I get a parking ticket? Or speeding fine?

These are usually the hirer's liability and any fines incurred will be charged to your credit card. The problem is that often the speeding fine is sent by post and the hirer cannot always be easily traced after the event so that the notice of fine is sent to the hire company who then have to ‘track down’ the culprit!!.

What are the conditions for cancellations?

Again vary enormously Usually less than 72 hours prior to car rental, 1 day's rental will be charged. We can arrange hires with n o cancellation penalty no matter when it is cancelled as long as you notify us. ‘No shows’ will be liable to have credit cards debited with at least a day’s charge.

Please note these are broadly representative of our terms & conditions for our preferred suppliers. Terms are subject to change where we use the terms of other providers.